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Instant quotes, end-to-end transactions, streamlined fulfillment, no commissions. Mickey is on a mission to automate the buying and selling of hardwood lumber, online.

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Why Use Mickey?

1. Lowest Price

Find the lowest price for the product you need from sellers all over the USA

2. Zero Commission

Mickey lets the market trade freely without adding a margin or commission to the order.

3. Automatic Delivery

Schedule a delivery and a destination and track your fulfillment in realtime


How do I buy?

Put in your location, select your product and press purchase

How does it work?

Our system has live inventory from local mills across the nation. Think of it as America’s stock list.

Will I know who I am buying from?

No, our platform allows our suppliers to remain anonymous, however all of our suppliers are vetted and approved in accordance with industry standards.

Am I getting a good price?

Once you select your product, our system algorithmically gives you the best price available and adds the lowest price for trucking

Does the price include trucking?


Who handles the trucking?

Our technology enables a streamlined order - which includes pickup and delivery services. Once an order is placed, we will handle the logistics and you can watch the delivery progress right from our platform.

Is the trucking rate good?

Yes, we have negotiated the best rates in the market with multiple trucking services. When you order from Mickey, our technology selects the best rate from all of them.

What if there’s something wrong with the product?

Let us know and we will work quickly to make it right – whether that is a refund or replacement – without the buyer incurring any additional costs.

How do you make money?

Our goal is to help put more money back into American businesses, so we only take a small commission.

Are you trying to put traders out of business?

No, we like traders and even have a few on staff. Our platform isn’t meant to replace them, but it is meant to provide a new frictionless channel for quick liquidation of any product that suppliers want to list anonymously.

What product categories are you in?

Currently we're only offering hardwood lumber. However, we'd love to hear your thoughts on future verticals.

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