Commodities Trading for the Modern World

Mickey is leveraging the power of technology to transform a $650 billion global market.

Middleware, Not a Middleman

Mickey connects buyers and suppliers directly, allowing products to change hands without a traditional broker. Not only is this more transparent and efficient, but also it allows us to pass the savings on to you.
Commoditech designed with your profits in mind.

Mickey’s technology platform is the commodity market’s long overdue upgrade.
Traders, buyers, and suppliers alike are improving their bottom lines by using Mickey to:

Simplify complex workflows
Automate repetitive tasks
Integrate and collaborate
Centralize critical information

Mickey for Traders

Finance your deals

Trade faster + increase your trade volume

Take a bigger cut

Mickey for Buyers

Access our vast network of suppliers

Establish a generous line of credit

Take the guesswork out of procurement

Mickey for Suppliers

Get paid upfront

Sell your products directly to vetted buyers

Technology to make fulfillment painless

Mickey for Financiers

Review credit applications

Record credit decisions

Monitor credit usage + deal status

A commodities boom is upon us

Regardless if your industry is lumber, natural gas, cobalt, or soybeans, Mickey is the middleware your business needs to keep up.

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