Here at Mickey…

We believe in a more efficient exchange of physical commodities. Buyers and suppliers should be empowered to transact directly, free from the need to rely on wholesalers or middlemen.

Forest Products

Our journey began in forest products and so far we’ve brokered the sale of over 3,500 containers of logs, lumber, and plywood. Mickey’s team of experts and industry veterans, based in Portland, OR, helps your deal along every step of the way, from due diligence and financing, to insurance and logistics.


The Energy Trading Group at Mickey, based in Houston, TX, leverages machine learning and advanced automation technology, mines and monitors all relevant data sources, from capacity and maintenance to pricing and weather, then employs various learning algorithms to extract insights and highlight indicators to identify market conditions and events that yield profitable trading.

Coming in 2022

Metals, Agriculture, and Chemicals


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